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San Antonio's lowest priced bail bond services. For your convenience, our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never worry about getting your loved one or friend released from jail as fast as possible when calling the Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez. We understand that time is of the essence when trying to bring home someone who has been detained by law enforcement and by calling us you have just taken the first and most important step in achieving their release quickly and inexpensively.  
We are vasly experienced in all of the bail bond services and will keep all information confidential and secure. No bail is too big or small, and we pride ourselved on working as quickly and privately as possible. Most bail bond processes take between 2 and 8 hours to complete, and we will work to get your loved one home as quickly as possible. 
Have an attorney involved right from the start. Because we are also a criminal defense firm, you will have the advantage of having an experienced criminal defense attorney from the point of arrest. With regular bail bond companies all your money just goes towards the bond. Don't make the mistake of losing all your money to a bail company. 
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What is a bail bond?
A bail bond or surety bond is simply a monetary guarantee that a person who has been charged with a crime will appear before the court when they are ordered. Once a bond has been posted, the accused is released from custody until his court hearing.

How is Bail Posted?

You can post cash or real property for the full amount of the bond directly with the court, but this may tie up much-needed funds and savings. Some jurisdictions may deduct court fees from your cash bond. You’ll also lose the benefit of confidentiality, since most courts follow stringent guidelines to show posted funds aren’t a product of criminal activity. In most cases, bail is posted through a bail bondsman. The bail agent collects a fee (or premium) and secures some form of collateral for the full amount of the bail. Fees vary by state, but are usually 10% of the bail amount,

How is the Amount of Bail Decided?

The courts are responsible for setting bail, but most people want to be released immediately as opposed to waiting up to three days to see a judge. In most jails, bail is set according to pre-set guidelines that specify bail amounts.
What is the difference between a bail and a bond?
When the defendant is initially arraigned the judge will typically set a bail and a bond. These amounts can be different. The bail can be paid directly to the jail in order to ensure the defendants release. The bond is done through us, in which case we only require a percentage of the bond amount in order to post the bond.
How much is the bail?
If you don’t have it, don’t worry, the bail agent can get it when they contact the jail. Once you know the bail amount, our agent will advise what it will cost to post bond and anything else required to expedite the defendant’s release.