Clients First Our main priority is putting clients first. We focus on rehabilitation from the moment we take a case. We encourage clients to attend counseling and take classes that helps them meet their needs and improve their family relationships. We believe in building long lasting working relationships with clients that assists them in doing better long after their case is finalized.

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Providing the best bail bonds experience in San Antonio.
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For over 10 years, the Law Offices of Jesus R. Lopez has been providing bail bonds services in the San Antonio area. We are located only a block away from the Bexar County Jail. In addition, we provide free parking to our loyal customers. We understand getting arrested is traumatic and we work hard to get your loved ones out as fast as possible. No bond is too small or big for us to handle.

  • For most bail bonds we require no collateral.

  • Our bail bonds start at only 2% down

  • For some cases we can offer to handle the bail for free.

  • No nonsense here, we will get an answer for you fast.

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