September 17, 2019

Bail Bond Types

Types of Bail Bonds in San Antonio

There are many different types of bail bonds available in San Antonio, Texas.

    A Personal Recognizance bail bond, otherwise known as a PR bond, is a type of “free” bail bond that is based on the person’s mere promise to appear in court. Usually a judge will allow a PR bond for only minor offenses.

    A Cash Bond is just how it sounds, it means that the full amount of the bail bond must be posted in order for a person to be released. Bail bondsmen do not like cash bond because usually they are required to provide only about 10% of the bail bond amount. When a cash bond is required a person will not be released until the full amount is paid.

    A Surety Bond, is the most common type of bail bond used in San Antonio. This type of bail bond allows a surety or a bail bondsman to post the bail bond for a bail bond premium, usually about 10% of the bail bond amount. When a person has a surety bond, using a bail bondsman may be the most affordable way to have the bail bond posted.