September 17, 2019

How to Post Bail

Posting Bail Process

If you find out that you need a bail bond in San Antonio, its important to know the steps on how to obtain a bail bond.

First, do your research, find out what the charges are and what the bail amount will be. You will probably be asked to act as a guarantee for the bail bond making yourself partially liable for the payments. Because of this, you want to be informed about the type of case the person is facing so you are aware of your risk. Finding out what the bail bond is set at will give you an idea on how much the bail bond will then cost.

Once you have this information, you then need to find a bail bondsman that will work with you within your budget so that you are able to get the bail bond.

When you arrive at the bail bondsman’s office you will be asked to sign an agreement with the bail bondsman concerning liability for the bail bond amount, should the individual fail to show up for court.

When the person is release usually they must then go to the bail bondsman’s office to also sign the agreement.

Once the agreement with the bail bondsman is signed and a payment is made, the bail bondsman then delivers the bond to the Sheriff’s Department, securing the person’s release. The Sheriff’s Department then processes that bail bond, and releases the individual from the Bexar County Jail.